More Hot Lines

Manchmal braucht es nur eine gute Songzeile, und das Leben rockt wieder. 

Junk food forever
It’s better late than never
(The Amazons * Junk Food Forever) 13.12.2017

I want to dance.
But I’m no good at dancing.
And yet I have to do something.
(Frank Turner * Four Simple Words) 24.11.2017

Damn, I like me better when I’m with you
(Lauv * I Like Me Better) 22.11.2017

Ich werde depressiv, wenn die Sonne nicht scheint!
(Kraftclub * Wieder Winter) 15.11.2017

Cold heart beating like a hummingbird
It’s the best winter I remember
(Tom McRae * Best Winter) 13.11.2017

We’re out of our heads
but we’re feeling fine
(The Weyers * Out Of Our Heads) 10.11.2017

The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
(Scorpions * Wind Of Change) 07.11.2017

See the rain down window run
Chills my veins now it’s begun
The first day of winter
(Mark Lanegan * First Day Of Winter) 06.11.2017

If you ask me how I would like to die
I would say no
(Death By Chocolate “ If you ask me“) 03.11.2017

Everybody’s looking for something
Hold your head up, keep your head up, movin‘ on
(Eurythmics * Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)) 03.10.2017

Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
(Elton John * Bennie And The Jets) 24.09.2017

You’ve been looking for something
That’s not in your life
(Melissa Etheridge * You Can Sleep While I Drive) 22.09.2017

I got a head full of darkness and darkness is good
(The Strumbellas * Shovels And Dirt) 18.09.2017

As I map out my future with blind optimism,
I will try not to fall so loud, Fool.
(Joe Volk * The Curve) 16.09.2017

I face the horizon everywhere I go
I face the horizon the horizon is my home
(Frank Turner * The Road) 14.09.2017

Go put the cat outside
Cause we’ve got things to do
(Angus and Julia Stone * Other Things) 13.09.2017

Sometimes the days, they feel so long
We all live under the same sun
(Nothing But Thieves * Amsterdam) 11.09.2017

Wir scheitern immer schöner, sind Versager mit Stil
(Casper * Der Druck steigt) 06.09.2017

If everyone cared and nobody cried, If everyone loved and nobody lied, If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, Then we’d see the day when nobody died.
(NICKELBACK * If Everyone Cared) 04.08.2017

Don’t worry if it’s still light outside
For the dark’s never far behind
(Nadine Shah * Winter Reigns) 31.08.2017

Excuse me for a while,
While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle
(London Grammar * Strong) 29.08.2017

Take my heart and make it strong
(Bonnie Tyler * The Best) 25.08.2017

There’s always the sun
(The Stranglers * Always The Sun) 23.08.2017

Yeah, don’t you dare say
Don’t you dare say tomorrow
(Emeli Sandé * Right Now) 22.08.2017

All I know at the end of the day
Is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way
(One Direction * End Of The Day) 18.08.2017

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make
(The Beatles * The End) 16.08.2017

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth
(The Who * Substitute) 06.08.2017

That lucky old sun has nothing to do but roll around heaven all day
(Ray Charles * That Lucky Old Sun) 02.08.2017

Liebi chunnt und Liebi geit
Tschou Polo!

I wanna heal
I wanna feel
Like I’m somewhere
I belong
(Linkin Park * Somewhere I Belong)

Über Musik schreiben ist wie
Zu Architektur tanzen
Das ist immer noch besser als nichts
Auch wenn es halt nichts ist
(But Alive *Ein Sozialkritsches Schlagzeugsolo Später) 18.07.2017

Just tell me there is more than we always see
(Joseph J. Jones * Whisper to A Hurricane) 08.07.2017

In real life these things don’t happen much at all.
Too bad we all live the dream
(Jason Isbell * Go It Alone) 06.07.2017

Dig Down
Dig Down and find faith
(Muse * Dig Down) 04.07.2017

Are you one of the blind?
Are you standing for nothing?
(Prophets of Rage * The Party’s Over) 29.06.2017

Ich bin mir mein bester Freund
In guten und in schlechten Tagen treu
(Faber * Die Tram ist leer) 28.06.2017

Now tell me is it worth it all?
If one gun rise then the next must fall
(Damian Marley * Is It Worth It?) 27.06.2017

Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
(The Mamas and the Papas * Monday Monday) 26.06.2017

Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do
But there ain’t no cure
For the summertime blues
(Eddie Cochran * Summertime Blues) 24.06.2017

There’s not enough whiskey in the world tonight
(Kiefer Sutherland * Not Enough Whiskey) 23.06.2017

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
make you want to move your dancing feet
(Bob Marley * Sun Is Shining) 22.06.2017

To save the night, the night was always sore
That’s what the darkness is for
(Jack Savoretti * When We Were Lovers) 19.06.2017

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life
(June Carter Cash * Keep On The Sunny Side) 15.06.2017

I’m empty please fill me
(Rage Against The Machine * Testify), 14.06.2017

‚Cause you know the truth hurts
But secrets kill
(Halsey * Devil In Me), 13.06.2017

And the girl in the corner said boy, I wanna warn ya
It’ll turn into a ballroom blitz
(The Sweet * Ballroom Blitz), 11.06.2017

Lebendig kriegen sie uns nie,
egal wie viele es sind.
(Die Toten Hosen * Bonnie & Clyde), 07.06.2017

It rains all down the avenue
Just for you
(Leo Sayer * The Dancer), 04.06.2017

Well I’m a hard hard habit to break
I’m a hard hard habit to break
(The Kills * Hard Habit To Break), 01.06.2017

You know the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions
(Welshly Arms * Legendary) 28.05.2017

Ich machs genau, wies mir gefällt
(Faber * Es wird ganz gross) 24.05.2017

Just stop crying
Have the time of your life
(Harry Styles * Sign Of The Times) 22.05.2017

Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain
(Soundgarden * Black Hole Sun) 18.05.2017
R.I.P. Chris Cornell

I never had a playlist in my heart, oho
(Ed Sheeran * Radio) 16.05.2017

Everybody need a place to chill
Gotta stop the world standing still
(Beverly Knight * Flavour Of The Old School) 15.05.2017

Je veux chanter moi aussi
Ne partez pas sans moi laissez-moi vous suivre
(Céline Dion * Ne partez pas sans moi) 13.05.2017

That I’ve got to work each day
And that’s why I go away
(Brotherhood of Man * Save Your Kisses for Me) 12.05.2017

Once I’m transformed
Once I’m reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
(Conchita Wurst * Rise Like a Phoenix) 11.05.2017

Mir muesch nüt erkläre, we de geisch
(Züri West * Schatteboxe) 05.05.2017

I’m not afraid of the dark
I’ve got a lion’s heart
(Anna Känzig * Lion’s Heart) 04.05.2017

You’re no fun
You’re a song I never wanna hear again!
(Incubus * No Fun) 02.05.2017

Es war Liebe auf den 1. Mai,
Steine flogen an uns vorbei,
es war Liebe auf den 1. Mai,
und wir fühlten uns frei
(Keule * Liebe auf den 1. Mai) 01.05.2017

When sun goes down
And moon gets high
You can hear her cacklin‘
Out in the night
(John Fogerty * Wicked Old Witch) 30.04.2017

Give the women what they want
Don’t say no
(The Isley Brothers * Give The Women What They Want) 29.04.2017

Love is more than a one-way reflection
(Pat Benatar * Sex is a weapon) 27.04.2017

Why is life so hard sometimes?
I feel like by whether I’m so torn or naked deep inside
(Fatima * Biggest Joke Of All) 25.04.2017


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