Hot Lines

Und immer wenn es Zeit wär zu gehen
Vergess ich, was mal war und bleibe stehen
(Joris * Herz über Kopf) 24.04.2017

Love’s gonna get you killed
But pride’s gonna be the death of you and you and me
(Kendrick Lamar * Pride) 18.04.2017

I am the sword, the wound, the stain
(Patti Smith * Easter) 16.04.2017

I want to be your Easter bunny
(R.E.M. * Be Mine) 15.04.2017

Can’t we force it?
All the simple things
(Biffy Clyro * Euphoria) 14.04.2017

Warst das nicht du?
Die, die sagte, dass sie sich niemals verliebt
(Faber * So soll es sein) 11.04.2017

Listen to the sound
Of a broken heart
(M83 * Do it, try it) 08.04.2017

Now show some pity
For weak of willy.
(Swans * Blind) 07.04.2017

Oh, my life is changing everyday,
In every possible way.
(Cranberries * Dreams) 06.04.2017

I used to laugh, when you told me you must forget and forgive to be free
(Johnny Flynn * In April) 03.04.2017

Morning songbird, sing away
Lend a tune to another day
(Cat Stevens * Silent Sunlight) 02.04.2017

Leavin’ home
What would you say
What would you say if you needed
(The Head and the Heart * Springtime) 01.04.2017

Don’t cry, open up your eyes and know
There’s someone else out there that feels this way
(Good Charlotte * March On) 29.03.2017

And about this time of every year
The line will go to the ocean pie
(Twenty One Pilots * Marcht to the Sea) 28.03.2017

People say the meanest things
Yeah, but truth be told, I don’t care what they think
(James Blunt * Love Me Better) 26.03.2017

I wish I had your pair of wings
(The Kelly Family * An Angel) 24.03.2017

“Well jesus walked
On the water on the water
We walk on dampness too”
(The Jesus and Mary Chain * I Wish I Could) 23.03.2017

Never really thought too much about tomorrow,
never really dealt very well with sorrow
(Everlast * Tuesday Morning) 21.03.2017

Where’s the revolution
Come on people
You’re letting me down
(Depeche Mode * Where’s the revolution) 18.03.2017

U sie leit d’Schteine uf ds Brätt
u faht no einisch a
(Züri West * 7:7) 17.03.2017

The system won’t help you when
Your money runs out
(Austra * Future Politics) 16.03.2017

Everybody is feeling the feeling
But everybody is breaking hearts
(Falco * Poison) 15.03.2017

When you’re passin’ by, flowers droop and sigh
(Mildred Bailey * Honeysuckle Rose) 14.03.2017

“Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side”
(Lou Reed, “Walk On Th Wild Side”) 13.03.2017

“I love Jack White like a little brother”
(The White Stripes, “Well It’s True That We Love One Another”) 10.03.2017

“Were we wasting time?
Living here in paradise”
(John Cale, “All Summer”) 09.03.2016

“As our second drinks arrive
The piano player’s playing “This Must Be the Place”
And it’s a miracle to be alive”
(Father John Misty, “In Twenty Years Or So”) 08.03.20

Unabdingbar: Nagellack am Konzert.

“I’ve been working on a plan, yeah
I been down so long
Been down but now I gotta get lifted up”
(Spoon, “Can I Sit Next To You”) 07.2017

“There are better things to talk about,
Be constructive”
(Radiohead, “Dollars And Cents”) 06.03.2017

“Just keep on walking”
(Kaleo, “Glass House”) 05.03.2017

Open up the part of you that wants to hide away”
(Hillary Duff, “Fly”) 03.03.2017

“I would go where the stolen roses grow
To forget that I had fell apart”
(Karen Elson, “Stolen Roses“) 02.03.2017

“Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place”
(Guns N’Roses, “Sweet Child O’ Mine“) 01.03.2017

“Say something loving
I need a reminder, the feeling’s escaped me”
(The xx, „Say Something Loving“) 27.02.2017

“He got up out of there, ran for hundreds of miles / He made it to the ocean, had a smoke in a tree / The wind rose up, set him down on his knee.”
(Pearl Jam, “Given To Fly”) 25.02.2017

You can bend but never break me
‘Cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
(Helen Reddy “I Am Woman”)

I’m in love with the shape of you
(Ed Sheeran  * Shape Of You)

No one knows me like the piano in my mother’s home
(Sampha , “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano,”)

Tell me I can keep the door cracked open, to let light through.
(John Mayer * Moving on and Getting Over)

“I don’t wanna feel stuck, baby
I just wanna get drunk before noon”
(Conor Oberst * Barbary Coast (Later))

“Dancing like there’s no one there”
(Amy Macdonald, “Mr. Rock&Roll”) 14.02.2017

“Sing it back. Bring it back”
(Moloko, “Sing it back”), 13.02.2017

If you ride with me baby we can do this forever
In a day, yessir ain’t no other way
This is CALI FORNI A! A! A!

I hope that, you don’t quit coming round, without that, life’s a song without sound
(H-BLOCKX * YOU’RE THE ONE) 10.02.2017

If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it’s broken
(BEYONCÉ * IF I WERE A BOY) 09.02.2017

It’s just a question of time
And it’s running out for you
It won’t be long
Until you do
Exactly what they want you to

“Smokin’ all off, talkin’ bout that high-grade
Baby hold up, I can kill your migraine”
(Nicki Minaj, “Feeling myself”) 05.02.2017

“Baby, leih mir deinen Lader
Komm, bitte leih mir deinen Lader”
(Bilderbuch, “Bungalow”) 04.02.2017

Faisons-nous mal,
Faisons l’amour.”
(Guillaume Depardieu, “Faisons L’Amour”) 03.02.2017

“In the daylight we never have much fun
So let’s dance and celebrate the morning sun”
(Wallis Bird, “Slow Down”)  02.02.2017

“Tell me, is that deja vu?
‘Cause you want me and I want you”
(Post Malone, “Deja Vu”) 01.02.2017

“You might have to excuse me
I’ve lost control of all my senses”
(Bastille, “Good Grief”) 31.01.2017

“Swallow me peacefully, follow my heart back inside”
(Sia, “Burn The Pages”) 30.01.2017

“And when I look at you it’s like the sun
I understand how space and time begun”
(The Flaming Lips, “Galaxy I Sink”) 28.01.2016

“But nothing ever quite happens
The way you think it will”
(Holly Miranda, “Heavy Hearts”) 27.01.2017

Teil Lüt – me sött se strafe – verschliesse z Härz fürd Kunscht, si wei geng nume schlafe, u hei ke Sinn fürd Brunscht
(Mani Matter, “Ferdinand”) 26.01.2017

“May your dreams come to reality
If all else fails”
(The Lumineers, “Scotland”) 25.01.2017

“I know i really fear it
But we pretend it’s just another day”
(Flaming Lips, “Going’ On”) 24.01.2017

“I don’t wanna know the way down”
(The XX, “Lips”) 23.01.2017

“Why didn’t I see
The forest on fire behind the trees”
(José Gonzalez, “The Forest”) 22.01.2017

“I couldn’t leave if I wanted to”
(Major Lazer, “Powerful“) 20.01.2017

“When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, babe”
(The Weeknd, “The Hills”) 19.01.2017

“When your lips touch mine and I lose control I forget I’m old and dying”
(Depeche Mode, “Damaged People”) 18.01.2017

“Alors, j’ai bougé. J’ai dû m’en aller, partir, bifurquer
J’ai dû m’évader. J’ai dû m’enfuir. J’ai dû partir.
J’ai dû m’éclipser
J’ai dû me camoufler. J’ai dû disparaître… pour réapparaître”
(MC Solaar, “Bouge de là”) 17.01.2017

“It’s like the sun moved to a better world”
(Duke Garwood, “Sonny Boogie”) 16.01.2017

“Sorry, your best friend is so much prettier than you”
(Shambolic Shrinks, “Much Prettier”) 15.01.2017

“Su di noi l’amore è una favola”
(Pupo, “Su di noi”) 14.01.2017

“And once the sun rises, you run out of surprises”
(Everlast, “Friday The 13th”) 13.01.2017

“I’m not proud, too proud of it,
but I’m fine, just fine with it”
(Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Chapter XI: Sell It”) 12.01.2017

“i ha mi offizieu um ds amt vom prinz beworbe
(Züri West, “Königin”) 11.01.2017

“Love’s a joke when your blood’s pulsin’
Love is real when you start chokin'”
(Kate Tempest, “Whoops”) 10.01.2017

“I’m never gonna work another day in my life
The gods told me to relax”
(Monster Magnet, “Powertrip”) 09.01.2017

“As long as my credit can vouch
A dog couldn’t catch me ass out”
(Blackstreet, “No diggity”) 08.01.2017

“You’re the heat that I know
Listen, you are my sun”
(Flume & Chet Faker, “Drop the Game”) 07.01.2017

“Well I’ve seen enough, enough to know
Sometimes with the truth you gotta let it go”
(Dave Hause, “We Could Be Kings”) 06.01.2017

“If all your dreams were on fire
Which one would you save?”
(Katie Melua, “Dreams On Fire”) 05.01.2017

“Uh, it feels so good,
When you let go,
Of all the drama in your life,
Now you’re free from all the pain”
(Mary J. Blige, “No More Drama”) 04.01.2017

“I don’t care what you think unless it is about me”
(Nirvana, “Drain You”) 03.01.2017

“Turn your heartache right into joy”
(Stephen Stills, “Love The One You’re With“) 02.01.2017

“I, I will begin again”
(U2, “New Year’s Day”) 01.01.2017

“And we’ll tak a right gude willie-waught
for auld lang syne”
(Robert Burns, “Auld Lang Syne”, Z.B. von Mariah Carey, haha, oder Rod Stewart, ganz okay! oder Rod Stewart mit der australischen Helene Fischer) 30./31.12.2016

“Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo”
(George Michael, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-go”)

“Tonight the music seems so loud, I wish that we could lose this crowd”
(George Michael, “Careless Whisper”) 28.12.2016

“I think of all the days and nights I spent crying
And I move on”
(George Michael, “Move On”) 27.12.2016

“Before this river becomes an ocean. Before you throw my heart back on the floor, oh baby, I reconsider my foolish notion. Well, I need someone to hold me but I wait for something more. Yes, I’ve gotta have faith”
(George Michael, “Faith”) 26.12.2016

“Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight”
(ABBA, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”) 24./25.12.2016

“It’s all relative, right?”
(Kate Tempest, “The Truth”) 23.12.2016

“C’est jeudi et je dis, je t’aime”
(Michael von der Heide, “Jeudi amour”) 22.12.2016

“Look at the world outside
Beware its evil tide
Too many endless days
Cold streets and alleyways”
(Simple Minds, “Destiny”)

“Now I know what a fool I’ve been”
(Wham, “Last Christmas”) 20.12.2016

“Let’s take it easy
Easy now, watch it go”
(The Killers, “When You Were Young”) 19.12.2016

“If you are shy for tomorrow, you’ll be shy for 1000 days
Now is your time to shine”
(The Libertines, “Don’t Be Shy”) 17.12.2016

“You only live twice or so it seems
One life for yourself and one for your dreams”
(Nancy Sinatra, “You Only Live Twice”) 16.12.2016

“Well Ive seen enough, enough to know
Sometimes with the truth you gotta let it go”
(Dave Hause, “We Could Be Kings”) 15.12.2016

“My head’s under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind”
(John Legend, “All Of Me”) 14.12.2016

“Some girls are bigger than others,
some girl’s mothers are bigger than other girl’s mothers”
(The Smiths, “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”) 13.12.2016

fullsizerender-2“I never was a good judge of when to call it a night”
(Conor Oberst, “Till St. Dymphna kicks us out”) 12.12.2016

“I want love to roll me over slowly,
Stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around”
(Jack White, “Love Interruption”) 11.12.201

“I think you’re the same as me
we see things they’ll never see”
(Oasis, “Live Forever”) 10.12.2016

“Rock-a-bye baby if you want to dance
Grab yourself a body and take a chance”
(Aerosmith, “Let The Music Do The Talking”) 08./09.12.2016

“‘It’s all in your head,’ and I said,
‘So’s everything’, but he didnt get it”
(Fiona Apple, “Paper Bag”) 07.12.2016

“Wenn eine tannigi Hose hät
Und hagebuechni Strümpf,
So chan er tanze wie-n-er will”
(Kinderlied, “Wenn eine tannigi Hose hät“) 06.12.2016

“Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I’m going back to the start”
(Coldplay, “The Scientist”) 05.12.2016

“We’re no different than the neon lights
When you turn us on we stay up all night”
(American Aquarium, “Burn.Flickr.Die”) 04.12.2016

“Still, a man hears what he wants to hear / And disregards the rest”
(Simon & Garfunkel, “The Boxer”) 03.12.2016

“I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I’m miserable now”
(The Smiths, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”) 02.12.2016

img_3946“Your voice is a home I move into Like a half dream,
I hold onto the words you say”
(Jenny Berkel, “Half Dream”) 01.12.2016

“But love, love will tear us apart again”
(Joy Division, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”) 30.11.2016

“Burning like embers, falling, tender
Longing for the days of no surrender”
(LP, “Lost On You”) 29.11.2016

“On aime chanter la fête et la folie
sous notre chapeau ya d’la vie”
(Les Yeux D’la Tête, “Ma Bande“)28.11.2016

“Time marches on”
(Metallica, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”) 27.11.2016

“‘Cause Saturday night’s the night I like
Saturday night’s alright alright alright”
(Elton John, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”) 26.11.2016

“Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to”
(Carole King, “Where You Lead”) 25.11.2016

“And she takes me somewhere,
And it’s good to be there”
(Joe Bonamassa, “Mountain Time”) 24.11.2016

“Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do”
(Roxette, “Listen To Your Heart”) 23.11.2016

“You don’t get something for nothing, turn back
Mmmm gotta try a little harder”
(Portishead, “It Could Be Sweet”) 22.11.2016

“I’ll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never”
(Cat Stevens, “The Wind”) 21.11.201

“It’s just the wasted years so close behind
Watch out, the world’s behind you”
(Nina Hagen, “Sunday Morning”) 20.11.2016

“Was wir träumen, werden wir bald tun, es ist ein kosmisches Gesetz”
(Xavier Naidoo, “Das Prinzip”) 19.11.2016

“Women’s love is so friendly – women’s love is like herbal tea – women’s love it empowers me”
(Fist City, “Manipulate”) 18.11.2016

“I feel incapable of seeing the end I feel incapable of saying it’s over”
(Chvrches, “Tether”) 17.11.2016

“Well, I’m sent home crying, but I won’t quit trying”
(Andrea Bignasca, “Lump In Your Throat”) 16.11.2016

dscn2970“We don’t have a plan
Just pack our bags and run as fast as we can”
(Emily Sandé, “Highs&Lows”) 15.11.2016

“Welcome to the astronomical club
The rocket shell is now ready to take off”
(Air, “Cosmic Trip”) 14.11.2016

“I smile when I’m angry.
I cheat and I lie.
I do what I have to do
To get by”
(Leonard Cohen, “In My Secret Life”) 13.11.2016

“Let it fall,
Let it all fall away,
Few things in life,
Were meant to stay”
(Leyla McCalla, “Let It Fall”) 12.11.2016

“There’s a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah”
(Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah”) 11.11.2016

“Don’t go outside
Long winters now ”
(Hugo Race, “Polestar”) 10.11.2016

img_3714“I’m in shock
Got no feeling”
(The Motels, “Shock”) 09.11.2016

“Let’s get loud, let’s get loud
Turn the music up, let’s do it
C’mon people let’s get loud”
(Jennifer Lopez, “Let’s Get Loud”) 08.11.2016

“Ich will mehr erleben als
mich nur erinnern.”
(Clueso, “Zu schnell vorbei”) 07.11.2016

“Well I sometimes have my doubts
But I cannot live without”
(Spain, “In My Soul”) 06.11.2016

“I can’t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like”
(Eminem, “Love The Way You Lie“) 05.11.2016

img_0430“Saturday wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday never hesitate”
(The Cure, “Friday I’m in Love“) 04.11.2016

“He said ‘it’s all in your head,’ and I said, ‘So’s everything’ but he didnt get it”
(Fiona Apple, “Paper Bag“) 03.11.2016

“Je suis l’as de trèfle qui pique ton cœur”
(MC Solaar, “Caroline”) 02.11.2016

dscn2646“Sometimes it’s the simple things that make it all okay”
(Conor Oberst, “Till St. Dymphna kicks us out”) 01.11.2016

“Don’t say you want too much
They’ll say you’ve had enough”
(Smashing Pumpkins, “A Stitch In Time“) 31.10.2016

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow”
(Carleen Anderson, “Let It Last“) 30.10.2016

“First daylight
Long winters now
By the polestar
The polestar”
(Hugo Race, “Polestar”) 29.10.2016

“Oh the earth lies still
beneath its bitter crust”
(Anne Hartkamp, “After The Rain”) 28.10.2016

“Irgendwenn chunnt me immer a
irgendeinisch geit’s gäng wieder witer”
(Züri West, “Fingt ds Glück eim?”) 27.10.2016

Musik ist Scheisse!
RIP Pädu Anliker 26.10.2016

“I don’t speak German, but I can if you’d like. Oh!”
(Lady Gaga, “Scheisse“) 25.10.2016

“If I wanted to I could turn mountains to sand
Have political leaders in the palm of my hand”
(Melissa Etheridge, “If I Wanted To”) 24.10.2016

“Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm”
(Depeche Mode,”Enjoy The Silence”) 23.10.2016

“Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song”
(u.a. Nat King Cole,”Autumn Leaves“) 22.10.2016

“But I can’t find no place or nothing,
Where thrills are cheap and love is divine”
(Kings of Leon, “Dusty“) 21.10.2016

“I never was a good judge of when to call it a night”
(Conor Oberst, “Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out”) 20.10.2016



“Don’t have the inclination to look back on any mistake”
(Bob Dylan, “Every Grain Of Sand”) 19.10.2016

“One more time at midnight, near the wall
Take off your heavy makeup and your shawl
Won’t you descend from the throne, from where you sit?
Let me feel your love one more time before I abandon it”
(Bob Dylan, “Abandoned Love”) 18.10.2016

“So when you see your neighbour carryin’ somethin’
Help him with his load
And don’t go mistaking Paradise
For that home across the road”
(Bob Dylan, “The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest”) 17.10.2016

“It’s a restless hungry feeling that don’t mean no one no good,
When everything I’m a-sayin’ you can say it just as good”
(Bob Dylan, “One Too Many Mornings”) 16.10.2016

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”
(Bob Dylan, “Blowin’ In The Wind”) 15.10.2016

“I try my best
To be just like I am
But everybody wants you
To be just like them
They sing while you slave
And I just get bored”
(Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm”) 14.10.2016

img_0556“Was in die Brüche geht sieht man erst, wenn der Sturm sich legt”
(Jennifer Rostock, “Deiche”) 13.10.2016

“I know I don’t break new ground, many have travelled this sound,
But I try to make it sound like home”
(Frank Turner, “Nashville Tennessee“) 12.10.2016


“Doch irgendwann kummt dann der Punkt
wo’s am reicht, dann wird’s z’vü”
(Andreas Gabalier, “A Meinung haben”) 11.10.2016

“And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall”
(U2, “October”) 10.10.2016

“If i only knew what to do
’cause too much is boring me, yeah”
(Lovebugs, “Angel Heart“) 09.10.2016

“Now the fall is here again
You can’t begin to give in”
(Norah Jones, “Shoot The Moon”) 08.10.2016

“You know what you are
You’re gonna be a star”
(R.E.M., “All The Way To Reno“) 07.10.2016

img_0915“And nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before”
(Del Amitri, “Nothing Ever Happens“) 06.10.2016

“Soon we will be older
When we gonna make it work?”
(Tears for Fears, “Advice For The Young At Heart”) 05.10.2016

“The saddest part of a broken heart
isn’t the ending so much as the start”
(Feist, “Let It Die”) 04.10.2016

“I walked out to the waves
to breathe quiet with the sea”
(Augustines, “Walkabout”) 03.10.2016

img_3293“Gekommen um zu bleiben
Wir gehen nicht mehr weg
Gekommen um zu bleiben
Wie ein perfekter Fleck”
(Wir sind Helden, “Gekommen um zu bleiben”) 02.10.2016

“I used to think that someday I’d relax a little
And be more like you
Then I realized how silly that thought was
I needed to stand in my own shoes”
(Norah Jones, “Until The End”) 01.10.2016

“Via via
Vieni via di qui”
(Paolo Conte, “Via con me”) 30.09.2016

“Let’s raise a glass or two
To all the things I’ve lost on you”
(LP, “Lost On You”) 29.09.2016

dscn0885“I can’t wait
Til we’re afraid
Of nothing”
(Sharon van Etten, “Afraid Of Nothing”) 28.09.2016

“Only blue talk and love
Remember how we knew love was here to stay”
(Justin Timberlake (originally by Earth, Wind & Fire), “September“) 27.09.2016

“Don’t pay the ferryman
Until he gets you to the other side”
(Chris de Burgh, “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”) 26.09.2016

“Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint”
(Nirvana, “Heart-Shaped Box”) 25.09.2016

“Ich mein ich bin sehr gern allein
denn es ist so schön
ein Cowboy zu sein”
(Gisbert zu Knyphausen, “Wer kann sich schon entscheiden?”) 24.09.2016

“Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray
I’m waiting for that final moment you say the words that I can’t say”
(New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle”) 23.09.2016

“’cause we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves”
(Pet Shop Boys, “Being Boring”) 22.09.2016

“I was afraid to be alone,
but now I’m scared that’s how I like to be”
(Azure Ray, “November”) 21.09.2016

sto_4507“Ich sage nichts. Ich mache less”
(Bilderbuch, “OM“) 19.09.2016

“In the end – does Mani Matter?”
(The Bianca Story, “Does Mani Matter”) 18.09.2016

“One road leads to paradise
One road leads to pain
One road leads to freedom
But they all look the same”
(Calvin Russell, “Crossroads”) 17.09.2016

“Ahahahah, uohohohoho, that’s the way things go”
(H-Blockx, “Lost My Mind”) 16.09.2016

dscn2163“Under your arm, you are pale as a moon”
(Jenny Berkel, “Pale Moon”) 15.09.2016

“For you I know I’d even try to turn the tide”
(Johnny Cash, “I Walk The Line”) 14.09.2016

“Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride”
(AC/DC, “Highway To Hell”) 13.09.2016

“I love Jack White like a little brother”
(The White Stripes, “Well It’s True That We Love One Another”) 12.09.2016

“And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert”
(Kris Kristofferson, “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down”) 11.09.2016

“And it’s alright now”
(Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Skeleton Tree”) 10.09-.2016

“And I called out, I called out
Right across the sea
I called out, I called out
That nothing is for free”
(Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Skeleton Tree”) 09.09.2016

dscn8849“I don’t drink coffee I take tea my dear”
(Sting, “Englishman In New York”) 08.09.2016

“I’m a lucky man to count on both hands the one I love”
(Pearl Jam, “Just Breathe”) 07.09.2016

“Got all I need and it’s killing me”
(Iggy Pop, “Sunday”) 04.09.2016

“Hey you, big mood, guide me to shelter
‘Cause I’m through when the two hits the six and it’s summer”
(Deftones, “My Own Summer“) 03.09.2016

DSCN2002“Wir können glücklich sein und trotzdem Konzerne leiten”
(Wir sind Helden, “Müssen nur wollen”) 02.09.2016

“Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done
Still gotta wake up and be someone”
(Angel Olsen, “Intern”) 01.09.2016

“She spreads her lovin’ all over
And when she gets home there’s none left for me”
(Sublime, “Doin’ Time”) 31.08.2016

“If love is my salvation, I don’t want to be saved”
(Tv on the Radio, “Say You Do”) 30.08.2016

DSCN3960“I ha’s bis do, i chumm nüme mit / I mach en Schnitt / I wärd jetz Eremit”
(Manuel Stahlberger, “Eremit”) 29.08.2016

“I could surrender but I’d
Just be pretending, no, I’d
Rather be dead than live a lie”
(Joseph, “White Flag”) 28.08.2016

“Summer madness”
(Kool & the Gang, “Summer Madness”) 27.08.2016

“D Schwiiz, die isch scho ok, doch ou da
chasch verblöde, das isch nid so es Problem”
(Manillio, “Stärne”) 26.08.2016

“Was Rap ist in ‘ner Sinnkrise?
Guck, wie ich es hinbiege mit Armen wie Tim Wiese.”
(Beginner, “Ahnma”)  25.08.2016

DSCN2149“Come on, get yourself together
Hurry up, babe
Now or never
‘Cause what we’ve got won’t
Last forever”
(Band of Skulls, “Get Yourself Together”) 24.08.2016

“Death by chocolate is myth”
(Sia, “Death By Chocolate”) 23.08.2016

„I’m so sick and tired trying to change your mind
When it’s so easy to disconnect mine“
(Elliott Smith, “High Times”) 22.08.2016

„The pain gets real comfortable, when it’s all ya got.“
(Beth Hart, “Fire On The Floor“) 21.08.2016

“She spreads her lovin’ all over
And when she gets home there’s none left for me”
(Sublime, “Doin’ Time”) 19.09.2016

DSCN2168“Love is a fever
And is burning me alive
It can’t be tamed or satisfied”
(Beth Hart, “Fire On The Floor“) 18.08.2016

“What’s done is done is done now”
(Mark Lanegan Band, “Tiny Grain of Truth”) 17.08.2016

“Now I fly, hit the high notes
I have a voice, have a voice, hear me roar tonight”
(SIA, “Bird Set Free”) 15./16.08.2016

“Good morning freedom
Good night lullabies
Drive darling, drive darling,
Drive darling, drive darling, drive”
(Boy, “Drive Darling“) 14.08.2016

DSCN1732“Se non vuoi perder la voce
prova a parlare più piano”
(I Ministri, “Balla Quello Che C’è”) 13.08.2016

“Wherever it may take me
I know that life won’t break me”
(Robbie Williams, “Angels“) 12.08.2016

“The bigger you love, the harder you fall”
(Paloma Faith, “The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)”) 11.08.2016

“All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known”
(The Smiths, ” What Difference Does It Make?” 10.08.2016

“But who am I fooling when I say I have no regrets”
(Ben Watt, “Forget“) 09.08.2016

“Dieu est un fumeur de havanes
Je vois ses nuages gris
Je sais qu’il fume même la nuit
Comme moi ma chérie”
(Serge Gainsbourg, “Dieu est un fumeur de havanes“) 08.08.2016

“Raise the sky
We got to fly over the land, over the sea”
(Patti Smith, “’til Victory”) 07.08.2016

DSCN9453“I’m the fire in your eyes”
(Chvrches, “Night Sky”) 06.08.2016

“Deine Augen machen bling bling, und alles ist vergessen”
(Seeed, “Augenbling”) 05.08.2016

“I look in the mirror and all I see
Is a young old man with only a dream”
(Patrick Swayze, “She’s Like The Wind“) 04.08.2016

“I’m the fire in your eyes”
(Chvrches, “Night Sky”) 03.08.2016

“Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing
I took a wrong turn and I just kept going”
(Bruce Springsteen, “Hungry Heart“) 02.08.2016


But you know it’s a dark twisted road we are on
And we all have to walk it alone
(First Aid Kit, “Waitress Song”) 01.08.2016

“J’avais des hauts
J’avais des bas
Je crois que j’en voulais trop
J’ai même eu ce que je ne voulais pas”
(Stephan Eicher, “Des hauts, des bas”) 31.07.2016

“I was so happy we had met
it was the age of no regret”
(ABBA, “Our Last Summer) 30.07.2016

“Watching you dancing and having the time of your life
And it’s getting me high
Time is flying by”
(311, “Sunset In July”) 29.07.2016


“There’s something happening here
But what it is ain’t exactly clear”
(Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth”) 28.07.2016

“I got to work I’m growing old
And all I’m looking for is gold”
(Bastian Baker, “I’d Sing for You”) 27.07.2016

“But I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well, I guess we’re gonna find out”
(Matchbox 20, “How Far We’ve Come”) 26.07.2016

“We should have each other to tea, we should have each other with cream, then curl up by the fire and sleep for a while”
(The Cure, “The Lovecats”) 25.07.2016

“Make it easy on yourself, don’t worry about me”
(Prime Sth, “I’m Stupid (Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me)”) 24.07.2016

“Too much wine and too much song
Wonder how I got along”
(Terry Jacks, “Seasons In The Sun”) 23.07.2016

sonne“July Flame
Firey kind
Will always
Lead me through the night”
(Laura Veirs, “July Flame”) 22.07.2016

“And you can’t feel nothing small”
(The Lumineers, “Ophelia”) 21.07.2016

DSCN8112“It never seemed to matter as the night slipped away
‘Cause there was soul in the air”
(Nathaniel Rateliff, “Howling At Nothing”) 20.07.2016

“And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size”
(Amy Macdonald, “This Is The Life”) 19.07.2016

“Et je voudrais que tu te rappelles
Notre amour est éternel
Et pas artificiel”
(Louise Attaque, “J’t’emmène au vent”) 18.08.2016

“I’m sorry for the things that I said when I was drunk”
(LFNT, “Farewell My Love”) 17.07.2016

gregor“It’s a very, very mad world, mad world”
(Gary Jules, “Mad World“) 16.07.2016

“People just ain’t no good
I think that’s welll understood
You can see it everywhere you look
People just ain’t no good”
(Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “People Ain’t No Good”) 15.07.2016

“You can’t brainwash me”
(Muse, “Defector”) 14.07.2016

“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”
(Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself”) 13.07.2016

“Love is an angel disguised as lust
Here in our bed until the morning comes”
(Patti Smith, “Because The Night”) 12.07.2016

DSCN1705“Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things”
( Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon, “Summer Wine”) 11.07.2016

“It’s never really what you own
but what you threw away –
and how much did you pay”
(Bad Religion, “Kyoto Now!”) 10.07.2016

“School’s out for the summer
School’s out forever”
(Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”) 09.07.2016

“I can’t understand
what makes a man hate another man
help me understand”
(Depeche Mode, “People are People”) 08.07.2016

IMG_1905“Is a dream a lie
if it don’t come true
Or is it something worse?”
(Bruce Springsteen, “The River”) 07.07.2016

“One of these mornings
You’re goin’ to rise up singing”
(Dionne Warwick, “Summertime”) 06.07.2016

“It’s too hot to handle
So I got to get up and go ”
(Bananarama, “Cruel Summer”) 05.07.2016

“How could I be so immature
To think he could replace
The missing elements in me
How extremely lazy of me”
(Björk, “Immature”) 04.07.2016

Dreamwild“Cerco l’estate tutto l’anno
e all’improvviso eccola qua”
(Adriano Celentano, “Azzurro”) 03.07.2016

“Jesus Christ can’t save me tonight
Put on your dress, yes wear something nice
Decide on me, yea decide on us
Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois”
(The Lumineers, “Sleep On The Floor”) 02.07.2016

“Züri-Fäscht, Züri-Fäscht, es git es paar a‘d Schnurre am Züri-Fäscht”
(RADIO 200000, “Im Huus”) 01.07.2016

“Cup of tea, takes time to think, yeah
Time to risk a life, a life, a life”
(Tanita Tikaram, “Twist In My Sobriety”) 30.06.2016

STO_9614“And it’s time we saw a miracle, come on, it’s time for something biblical to pull us through”
(Muse, “Apocalypse Please”) 29.06.2016

“Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do, but there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”
(Beach Boys, “Summertime Blues”) 28.06.2016

“Ich bin geboren im Land der Krieger, äh – Krieger, bemühe mich, ein Held zu sein.”
(Amon Düül, “Népal”) 27.06.2016

“If you don’t come back tomorrow, I’ll go”
(Hurts, “Sunday”) 26.06.2016

“Todo es mentira en este mundo, todo es mentira la verdad”
(Manu Chao, “Mentira”) 25.06.2016

“Et je cours et j’ai peur, un tambour dans le coeur”
(Gustav, “Un tambour dans le coeur”) 24.06.2016

DSCN6098“God save the queen
We mean it, man”
(Sex Pistols, “God Save The Queen”) 23.06.2016

“The Dream Man’s coming in his train of cars
with moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars”
(Neptunes’s Car, “Strawberry Moon”) 22.06.2016

“Ich fühl’ mich so gut,
ihr habt mich so hochgebracht”
(Udo Lindenberg, “Boogie Woogie-Mädchen”) 21.06.2016

“Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom?”
(Bob Marley, “Redemption Song”) 20.06.2016

“If I stay here trouble will find me
If I stay here I’ll never leave”
(The National, “Sea of Love”) 19.06.2016

“One more time ‘fore I go
higher powers taking a hold on me”
(Drake “One Dance”) 18.06.2016

“Well one day I will go the rock’n’roll way”
(Volbeat, “Alienized”) 17.06.2016

Tanz“Hey baby won’t you take a chance?
Say that you’ll let me have this dance?
Well let’s dance; let’s dance.”
(Ramones, “Let’s Dance”) 16.06.2016

“This feelin’, this vibe, this night in June”
(Shakira, “Did It Again“) 15.06.2016

“Here’s a hymn to welcome in the day
Heralding a summer’s early sway.”
(The Decemberists, “June Hymn”) 14.06.2016

“I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me”
(Wet Wet Wet, “Love Is All Around”) 13.06.2016

“But my eyes will see the rest of the way long before I know”
(Selah Sue, “Always Home”) 12.06.2016

DSCN6579“It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll ”
(AC DC, “It’s A Long Way To The Top“) 11.06.2016

“I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride
Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight”
(Lady Antebellum, “Friday Night”) 10.06.2016

“We know the game and we’re gonna play it”
(Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up”) 09.06.2016

“Are you living the life you chose
Are you living the life that chose you”
(Jason Isbell, “The Life You Chose”) 08.06.2016

IMG_9119“Sun comes up, it’s Tuesday morning
hits me straight in the eye”
(Cowboy Junkies, “Sun Comes Up, It’s …”) 07.06.2016

“They say life is never fair”
(Spain, “It’s So True”) 06.06.2016

“I had a good home but I left, right, left”
(Tom Waits, “Hell Broke Luce”) 05.06.2016

“My first thought was
There are so many days of rain
In Mexico City ”
(Julia Holter, “Feel You”) 04.06.2016

DSCN3827“There’s a time for the second best”
(The Kills, “Future starts slow”) 03.06.2016

“Au fond de moi il y a un tigre,
j’attends juste qu’il soit plus grand”
(Soften, “Tigre”) 02.06.2016

“We can be Heroes, just for one day”
(David Bowie, “Heroes”) 01.06.2016

“I’d rather be a hammer than a nail”
(Simon & Garfunkel, “El cóndor pasa”) 31.05.2016

“Maybe I became too clean”
(IAMX, “Happiness”) 30.05.2016

“Dans ce monde inhabitable
Il vaut mieux danser sur les tables”
(Zaz, “Port Coton”) 29.05.2016

DSCN3425“If I had a heart of gold
As some folks I know
I’d up and sell my heart of gold
And head north with the dough”
(Leyla McCalla, “Heart Of Gold”) 28.05.2016

“Vertrauen ist gut.
Kontrolle für Besserwisser”
(AnnenMayKantereit, “3. Stock”) 27.05.2016

“Bad girls talking about the sad girls, sad girls talking about the bad girls”
(Donna Summer, “Bad Girls”) 25.05.2016

Mein HipstaPrint 861497285“Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too”
(Bob Dylan, “Lay Lady Lay”) 24.05.2016

“Bouffe ça, bébé! – T’as fini à la pisse!”
(Bonaparte, “C’est moi qu’tu parles?“) 23.05.2016

“I can’t turn
Day into night”
(David Duchovny, “Hell Or Highwater”) 22.05.2016

“The day is done and I’m havin’ fun / I think I’m dumb / Maybe just happy”
(Nirvana, “Dumb”) 21.05.2016

IMG_0156“As bright as you are, don’t get burned by your lucky star”
(Goo Goo Dolls, “Lucky Star”) 20.05.2016

“It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me
But my darling when I think of thee”
(The Dubliners, “The Leaving Of Liverpool”) 19.05.2016

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”
(Adele, “Someone Like You”) 18.05.2016

“Your freedom comes naturally”
(Muse, “Bliss“) 16.05.2016

“Cry me a river”
(Justin Timberlake, “Cry me a river”) 15.05.2016

“I feel like I win when I lose”
(ABBA, “Waterloo”) 14.05.2016

“Light up the magic in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts”
(Katrina and the Waves, “Love Shine A Light”) 13.05.2016

twelvepoints“Time will be kind once we’re apart”
(Johnny Logan, “Hold Me Now”) 12.05.2016

“Let’s take a ride and run with the dogs tonight in suburbia”
(Pet Shop Boys, “Suburbia”) 11.05.2016

“Man brauch net viel tian
um zu verstian dass onderscht a gang”
(Max von Milland, “Leg di her”) 10.05.2016

“L’amour ça ne va pas,
C’est pas du Saint Laurent”
(Carla Bruni, “L’amour”) 09.05.2016


“Die Fraue sind es Lumpepack,
sind us Stroh und Hudle gmacht.
Mir Manne sind ganz ander Lüüt,
sufe vil und schaffed nüt!”
(Volkslied, “Es wott es Fraueli z’Märit go”) 08.05.2016

“It’s saturday morning
And who’s gonna play with me”
(Eels, “Saturday Morning”) 07.05.2016

“There are some things to which you cannot say, ‘It is never going to happen again'”
(Maxïmo Park, “Out Of Harm’s Way”) 06.05.2016

IMG_5927“And super tail can stop the danger”
(Marcy Playground, “Secret Squirrel”) 05.05.2016

„Don’t forget the days to remember
Don’t forget them yet“
(The Company Of Men, “Hurricane Season”) 04.05.2016

„Du bist hinter meinem Hintern her! Sag es laut, jaul es raus, gib es zu!“
(Bilderbuch, “Schick Schock”) 03.05.2016

“We are only young, but we style out future in the shadow of gun”
(Suede, “Whipsnade”) 02.05.2016

“Freedom’s just antoher word for nothing left to lose”
(Janis Joplin, “Me And Bobby McGee”) 01.05.2016

Negative0-36-36A(1)“Get your head out of the mud, baby. Put flowers in the mud, baby”
(U2, “Zooropa”) 30.04.2016

“All my lies are always wishes”
(Wilco, “Ashes Of American Flags”) 29.04.2016

“Won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away”
(ABBA, “Gimme, Gimme”) 28.04.2016

“Ich will doch nur spielen”
(Annett Louisan, “Das Spiel”) 27.04.2016

DSCN3052“Mais si un jour on pouvait
Se quitter
On pourrait bien enfin
Se retrouver”
(Indochine, “Le grand secret”) 26.04.2016

“It’s so amazing, when you’re feeling strong, so amazing, yeah”
(Juliette & The Licks, “So Amazing”) 25.04.2016

“Now it’s payback for the rainy days”
(Mando Diao, “Song For Aberdeen”) 24.04.2016

“It’s time we all reach out for something new, that means you too”
(Prince, “Purple Rain”) 23.04.2016

“All good things, they say, never last”
(Prince, “Sometimes It Snows In April”) 22.04.2016

“Zuhause bist immer nur du”
(AnnenMayKantereit, “Oft gefragt”) 21.04.2016

palme“There’s more to the picture, than meets the eye”
(Neil Young, “My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)”) 20.04.2016

“We’re no different than the neon lights
When you turn us on we stay up all night”
(American Aquarium, “Burn.Flickr.Die”) 19.04.2016

“Stand up, make your dreams come true”
(Wild Belle, “Dreamland”) 18.04.2016

“I don’t have time to go round and round and round”
(Dixie Chicks, “Not Ready To Make Nice”) 17.04.2016

IMG_0612“Wenn du mich küsst schreibt Noel wieder Songs für Liam!”
(Kraftklub, “Song für Liam”) 16.04.2016

“We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school”
(Bruce Springsteen, “No Surrender”) 15.05.2016

“If you ask me how I would like to die I would say ‘no'”
(Death by Chocolate, “If you ask me”) 14.04.2016

“You are what you love
And not what loves you back”
(Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins, “You Are What You Love”) 13.04.2016DSCN7779If I win or lose, to me it’s all the same
But, damn, I want my honey back”
(Long Tall Jefferson, “The Sweetness Of Mortality”)

12.04.2016″All your dreams are made, when you’re chained to the mirror and the razorblade.”
(Oasis, “Morning Glory”) 11.04.2016

“We’ve lived in bars
And danced on the tables”
Cat Power, “Lived In Bars”) 10.04.2016

“I’m melting like an ice cream bar”
(Dead Kennedys, “Too Drunk To Fuck) 09.04.2016DSCN1678“Why is my heart never mine?”
(Kyla La Grange, “Been Better”) 08.04.2016

“Let the silver moments fall on your head”
(Ben Watt, “Spring”) 07.04.2016

“Der Wahnsinn hält mich warm”
(Isolation Berlin, “Alles Grau”)

06.04.2016imm021_21“I don’t know how to live, but I’ve got a lot of toys”
(Bad Religion, “21st Century Digital Boy”) 05.04.2016

“But I’ll be
Stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is okay ” (A-HA, “Take on me”) 04.04.2016

“You can read it in the Sunday papers,
Sunday papers” (Joe Jackson, “Sunday Papers”) 03.04.2016


“I hope that, you don’t quit coming round, without that, life’s a song without sound”
(H-Blockx, “You’re the One”) 02.04.2016

Image021_22“So let it all go by
Looking at the sky
Wondering if there’s clouds and stuff in hell”
(Rufus Wainwright, “April Fools”) 01.04.2016

“Hip-Hop at the nursing home – been there, done that”
(Bonaparte feat. Deichkind, “Alles schon gesehen”) 31.03.2016

“All we’re ever looking for
Is another open door”
(Kate Bush, “All We Ever Look For”) 30.03.2016

“So I started this damn country band
Cause punk rock is too hard to sing.”
Ryan Adams, “Faithless Street”) 29.03.2016

“Du musst nicht das Leben ändern
Du müsst dein Ändern leben”
(Die Fantastischen Vier, “Name drauf”) 28.03.2016


“Ich will keine Schokolade,
ich will lieber einen Mann”
Trude Herr, “Ich will keine Schokolade”) 27.03.2016

“All I need is some sunshine”
(Timber Timbre, “Black Water”) 26.03.2016

“Woke up again to my chagrin
Getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired again”
(The Libertines, “Gunga Din”) 25.03.2016

“Life is short and love is always over in the morning”
(Sisters of Mercy, “Temple Of Love”) 24.03.2016


“The moon is there for us to share”
(Bob Dylan, “Full Moon and Empty Arms”) 23.03.2016

“The fundamental things apply
As time goes by”
(Louis Armstrong et al., “As Time Goes By”) 22.03.2016

“But I won’t be no runaway
‘Caus I won’t run”
(The National, “Runaway”) 21.03.2016

“Walk on by, don’t stop”
(Dionne Warwick, “Walk On By “) 20.03.2016


“I am so bored of playing casualness
but I just can’t walk away”
(Ebony Bones, “Guess We’ll Always Have N.Y “) 19.03.2016

“Meide die Popkultur / Dann gehts dir besser”
(Peter Licht, “Popkultur/Meide”) 18.03.2016

“Si füllt mis Leba mit akli Liacht inara Kriisa
ach si macht mi aifach glücklicher
mini Liidaschaft” (Breitbild, “Liidaschaft”) 17.03.2016

IMG_2095“Ein Salat darf nie mit Nudeln sein
Denn so was rächt sich bitterlich”
(Element of Crime, “Alten Resten eine Chance”) 16.03.2016

“Just go back to the rock from under which you came”
(Fiona Apple, “Sleep To Dream”) 15.03.2016

“Monday morning feels so bad”
(Gary Moore, “Friday on My Mind”) 14.03.2016

“Nobody feels old at the museum”
(Tiny Ruins, “Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens”) 13.03.2016

DSCN0518“Here we are now, entertain us” (Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) 12.03.2016

“We did bad things for our own good” (Ronan Keating, “Time Of My Life”) 11.03.2016

“We’re gonna keep it interesting”
(Sam Outlaw, “Keep It Interesting”) 10.03.2016

“For my love is like the wind
And wild is the wind ” (Nina Simone, “Wild Is the Wind”) 09.03.2016

“N’oublie pas les rêves!” (Zaz, “Cœur volant”) 08.03.2016

“I’m building higher that I can see.
I want fantasy”
(The XX, “Fantasy”) 07.03.2016


“Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s strange
But the truth of the heart is, people can change ”
(Melissa Etheridge, “Truth of the Heart”) 06.03.2016

“Muss ich immer alles müssen, was ich kann?”
(Wir sind Helden, “Müssen nur wollen”) 05.03.2016

“But it’s allright everybody lies
Make the wrong right ”
(Nada Surf, “Everybody Lies”) 04.03.2016

“Meine Kleidung unterstreicht meinen Charakter”
(Kraftklub, “Ich will nicht nach Berlin”) 03.03.2016

IMG_2410“And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough”
(Haim, “Falling”) 02.03.2016

“Eines Tages fällt dir auf, dass du 99 Prozent nicht brauchst”
(Silbermond, “Leichtes Gepäck”) 01.03.2016

“Children grow and women produce, men go to work and some go steal’n”
(Everlast, “One And The Same”) 29.02.2016

bubi“Hüt gits bruuni Suppe vo gester
für aui Dumme vo morn”
(Bubi Eifach, “Für aui Dumme vo morn”) 27./28.02.2016


“Now you’re just a scar, a story I tell
Such an ugly mark, but I wear it so well”
(Foxes, “Scar”) 26.02.2016

“I know I was born and I know that I’ll die
The in between is mine” (Pearl Jam, “I Am Mine”) 25.02.2016

“Why walk when you can fly ”
(Mary Chapin Carpenter, “Why Walk When You Can Fly”) 24.02.2016

“When everything is lonely, I can be my own best friend”
(Conor Oberst, “Lua”) 23.02.2016


“I’ll never look behind me
My troubles will be few”
(Supertramp, “Goodbye Stranger”) 22.02.2016

“On a Sunday morning sidewalk,
I’m wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.”
(Johnny Cash, “Sunday Morning Coming Down”) 21.02.2016

“Wenn Du mit mir geh’n willst, lass mir meinen Traum”
(Duo Treibsand, “Wer nicht träumt, der kann nicht leben”) 20.02.2016

“I got tequila in my veins / And the devil in my mouth”
(Augustines, “Juarez”) 19.02.2016


„Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right“
(Paolo Nutini, “New Shoes”) 18.02.2016

“Wenn jemand fragt wofür du stehst, sag für Amore, Amore!” (Wanda, “Bologna”) 17.02.2016

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away” (Neil Young, “My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)”) 16.02.2016

“I don’t want to survive
I want a wonderful life” (Brian Fallon, “It’s a Wonderful Life”) 15.02.2016

“Anything to make you smile” (Band of Horses, “No One’s Gonna Love You”) 14.02.2016

“Als spielte die Musik genau wie damals, wenn Nacht für Nacht die grosse Show begann.” (Peter, Sue & Marc, “Djambo, Djambo”) 13.02.2016

“All that you lost
You get back
And all that you want
You can have” (Lissie, “Wild West”) 12.02.2016

“Was wir nicht können
Ist irgendwas wiederholen” (Bosse, “Schönste Zeit) 11.02.2016

“Then a snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss
Now I’m okay” (Glasvegas, “A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)”) 10.02.2016

“And the stars look very different today”(David Bowie, “Space Oddity”) 09.02.2016

“Clouds part just to give us a little sun” (Feist, “There’s a limit to your love”) 08.02.2016

(Bilder: privat/

,Simon & Garfunkel


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