More Hot Lines II

Manchmal braucht es nur eine gute Songzeile, und das Leben rockt wieder. 

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You’re on a different road, I’m in the milky way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
(Icona Pop * I Love It), 28.01.2020

If you dance with me, darling
If you take me home
Will we talk in the morning?
(Sam Fender * Will We Talk?), 25.11.19

The heart believes in something more than what’s been said
The heart’s a two faced fortune teller
(The Ballroom Thieves * Lantern), 08.11.19

So now let me tell you just one more thing
You better do what you want and you start this thing
(DJ Bobo * There Is A Party), 30.05.2019

Anarchy for the U.K.
(Sex Pistols * Anarchy in the UK), 25.05.2019

Ä Rägetanz gäge d Truur, gäge d Angscht
(Noti Wümié * Badmantu), 10.05.2019

Your love can be my crime
(Isaac Gracie * Show Me Love HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA), 03.05.2019

Comes from a chicken,
not a bunny, dummy
(Beastie Boys * Egg Man), 20.04.2019

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein
Im kalten Polar
(Grauzone * Eisbär HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT KATHARINA), 11.04.2019

And if I share with you my story
would you share your dollar with me
(Aloe Blaxx * I Need A Dollar), 01.04.2019

And I don’t wanna fall asleep
’Cause then I won’t see anything
(The Magic Gang * Getting Along), 27.03.2019

We’ll run away together
We’ll spend some time forever
We’ll never feel bad anymore
(Weezer * Island in the Sun), 19.03.2019

I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation
You’re living in the past it’s a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s
What I’m gonna do
(Joan Jett * Bad Reputation) 08.03.2019

You wanna keep ‘em silent, but the people wanna riot
(Stray from the Path * The House Always Wins), 26.02.2019

Don’t run away I won’t follow you again
(Landmvrks * Scars), 19.02.19

We could change this whole world with a piano
Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go
(Ed Sheeran * What Do I Know?) 18.02.2019

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Don’t feel bad
Because the sun went down
The moon is made of gold
(Rickie Lee Jones * The Moon Is Made Of Gold), 27.01.2019

Immer wieder dischi Tröim
(Sina * Ich Süechu Dich), 23.01.2019

‚Cause Christmas ain’t the time for breaking each other’s heart
(Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) * Ramones), 22.12.2018

All I can say is la-la-laaaa you, baby
(La-La For You * Al Green), 24.11.2018

Don’t look at the moon tonight
You can never be never be never be never be Manhattan
(Manhattan * Cat Power), 23.10.2018

Oh life
Is just a game
No one ever tells you how to play
(Survivors * Passenger)

Sometimes you need to be alone
It don’t matter now
Shut the door, unplug the phone
(Don’t Matter Now * George Ezra), 16.09.2018

Yeah, yeah, we want the bodies on the billboards
Not the lives underneath them
(Quarter Past Midnight * Bastille), 10.09.2018

Das Leben ist ’ne Reise und das Glück ein Souvenir
Wir teilen uns diese Erde, komm wir teilen uns noch ein Bier
(Wir sind alle nicht von hier * Jennifer Rostock), 04.09.2018, Happy Birthday, Gisèle!

Cause love is like the last licks
Outta Hendrix
(Ain’t That a Bitch * Aerosmith) 29.08.2018

Sometimes you reach for the bottle before the sky
(Nothing Left to Prove * Chuck Ragan), 14.08.2018

Peace is peace
And love is love
Aren’t we all just the same
We’re So Very Lost * Isaac Gracie (Happy Birthday Nina) 27.07.2018

I should have took that last bus home
But I asked you for a dance
Dancing in the Moonlight * Thin Lizzy 24.07.2018

The pope don’t mean shit to a dog
And elephants don’t read newspapers
(Every Day is a Miracle * David Byrne) 18.07.2018

White light
White light
Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, white light
(White Light * Gorillaz) 11.07.2018

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if he can
No need for walls or hunger
Oh brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
(Imagine * Pearl Jam (John Lennon Cover / Rom 2018)) 05.07.2018

You are safe now, we have found a way to the shore
’Cause you complete me, our heart is one true home
We are on fire, we burn so bright in the flames
Maybe now we can be one family
(Me & You * Shem Thomas) 30.06.2018

I’ve dragged these bones across the floor,
My body resembles a broken home.
Touched by the light to deceived by a dream
I walk in the shadows just to be seen,
I walk in the shadows just to be seen,
I walk in the shadows just to be seen.
(Black Leather * Prayers feat. Kat von D) 13.06.2018

Starting all over again. I’ve been fighting my fears. For the following years
To forget what I’ve been through. After battling the devil inside
I know what to do
(Starting all over * To The Rats And Wolves) 01.06.

I’ve been waiting for my whole life to grow old and now we never will
(Graffiti * Chvrches) 31.05.2018

Were you born to resist or be abused?
(Best Of You * Foo Fighters) 30.05.2018

Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive
(Eye of the Tiger * Survivor) 21.05.2018
Spring is here, the sky is blue
Birds will sing as if they knew
(u.a. Elton John * Chapel Of Love) 19.05.2018

And I never thought, not in a million years
That I’d meet so many lovers
(Arctic Monkeys * American Sports) 15.05.2018

I’ll be your plastic toy
For you
(Just Like Honey * The Jesus and Mary Chain) 09.05.2018

Here’s a little song you can all join in with,
It’s very simple and I hope it’s new.
(Traffic * You Can All Join In) 06.05.2018

We die so the others can be born
We age so the others can be young
The point of life is live, love
If you can, then pass it on
Kate Tempest * We Die (01.05.2018)

Liebä di Schuutclub, liebä dis Wahrzeichä
ghörä zu dir und wedmi bruchsch de seisches eifach, gäu?
(Wurzel 5, Hie) 28.04.2018

Let me put the head in, if it’s okay
She said, „It’s okay.“
(Kendrick Lamar, Lust.) 26.04.2018

I’ll tell ya, life ain’t easy
for a boy named Sue.
(Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue) 25.04.2018

I keep heart-shaped glasses close to me
For when it rains (life in pink)
(Kate Nash * Life In Pink) 23.04.2018

I keep heart-shaped glasses close to me
For when it rains
(Kate Nash * Life In Pink) 22.05.2018

Have you ever sat down in the fresh cut grass?
Thought about the moment and when it will pass
Hey man, now you’re really living
(Eels * Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)) 17.04.2018

It’s Friday I’m in love
(The Cure * Friday I’m In Love) 13.04.2018

I am unwritten,
can’t read my mind,
I’m undefined
I’m just beginning,
the pen’s in my hand,
ending unplanned
(Natasha Bedingfield * Unwritten) 12.04.2018

I feel good, in a special way
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day
(Good Day Sunshine * The Beatles) 06.04.2018

It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe
It don’t matter, anyhow
(Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right * Bob Dylan) 28.03.2018


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